Chris Brown asks fans to stop sending death threats to model Chrissy Teigen

New York: Chris Brown has asked fans to stop sending death threats to Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen after she criticized the singer’s lip-synced performance at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards.

Teigen, fiance of singer John Legend, sparked fury amongst Brown’s fans, who call themselves “Team Breezy,” after she took a jab at the singer’s lip-synced performance on Twitter, the New York Daily News reported.

“So excited to see Chris Brown! I love loud and surprising background fits of rage I can hear from the audience!” she tweeted, before adding: “Why sing when you can dance?”

Teigen’s comments were enough to enrage Brown’s passionate fan base, who flooded the model with a flurry of malicious expletive-laden and threatening tweets.

“I’m so disturbed. I am not picking on anyone or telling ANYONE to hate the dude,” Teigen wrote.

“I’ve had comments ranging from “kill yourself you stupid H-” to “gold digging c--t” “get a f---ing job”, etc. because I don’t like him?”

“Reallllly makes me sad that 99 percent of the most disturbing comments come from young girls.

“You guys are too young for this shit. too f---ing young. how you can even form these sentences at someone you don’t know makes me so sad,” she added.

The magnitude of the messages reached an all-time high by Tuesday when Brown took to Twitter to urge his fans to stop the harassment.

“Team Breezy! Lets stop sending death threats!” Brown wrote.

“I know y’all bout that life but it’s the wrong message! Ur turning haters into victims!”

He added, “And that only furthers their pointless existence!”

Legend also logged onto the social networking site to defend his fiance, writing: “Personally, I don’t think @chrissyteigen’s existence is pointless. Nor anyone else who dares criticize a performance.”

“Every artist has to be ok with the fact that some people won’t like their work. All critics aren’t ‘haters’.”

“And don’t ever tell me to put my ‘b---h on a leash’,” he added, referencing the messages he received from Brown’s angry fans. “She’s a grown woman with her own mind and her own opinions and this is not 1950.”