Did Himesh Reshammiya undergo a nose-job?

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Right from music direction, playback singing and acting lead role in Bollywood flicks, you name it and Himesh has done it all! Of late, the multi-talented composer-singer-actor has undergone a series of makeovers - looks, physique, hairdo, voice surgery and the latest speculation being of his nose-job.

Grapevine has it that the prodigiously talented Himesh has undergone a nasal surgery in order to have sharper nostrils. According to a close source, "Himesh has always been experimenting with his looks; he loves to reinvent himself. As an actor, he is even more concerned about his appearance."

The source maintained, "There has been great speculation about his nasal voice and that he underwent an operation before singing for his latest film, ‘Radio’. But the fact is that HR has done a nose job. Check his face out."

When enquired Himesh; the crooner-actor gave an evasive reply, "A nose job? I have never commented on such matters and nor will I now. You can see me in my latest film ‘Radio’ and check if I have done anything."

On his take on his two voices, Himesh said, "I can only say that I have been blessed with two distinct voices- one is a high-pitched nasal voice and the other is a middle octave voice. All this time, people have heard my high-pitched vocal verve, with Mann Ka Radio it is my other awaaz."

A complete entertainer, Himesh is a perfect believer in reinventing himself and added, "I did not sing in my middle octave voice all these years, but now I feel the time is ripe. The way I reinvented my dressing style from my jacket-and-cap days. Then I went on to lose a lot of weight."

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