Fame has not changed Hugh Jackman: James Mangold

London: `The Wolverine` director James Mangold has complemented actor Hugh Jackman for his humble nature that still remains despite all the fame.

Mangold, who had worked with the `X-Men` star almost eleven years ago during the production of "Kate & Leopold", said that the actors humility is left untouched despite a very successful journey in the Hollywood, reported Contactmusic.

"I made another movie with Hugh and we`re great friends, so it couldn`t have been easier (to work with him). It was a great experience working with again. He hasn`t changed in the 12 years since we made our last picture. I say that wishing I had a better answer and could say he has!," Mangold said.

"He has two children now and he`s an international movie star now, but nothing about his soul, humility, hard work and discipline has changed. Not a thing," he added.

Following the compliment the actor responded, "13 years ago
Bryan gave me this role and changed my life. I`m forever grateful to him. I love playing Wolverine."