Fardeen Khan’s wife Natasha has a miscarriage; loses twin babies

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: A few months ago an ecstatic Bollywood actor Fardeen Khan announced that he and his wife Natasha Madhvani were expecting twins and he even shifted base to London just to keep his wife and unborn babies safe from the Dengue scare prevalent during those days.

However, despite the number of precautions the couple took, tragedy has struck their blissful life as Natasha had a miscarriage recently and thus lost her unborn twin babies. The sad news was announced by a saddened Fardeen who wrote on Twitter: “As delighted as we were to announce Natasha`s pregnancy I am equally saddened to say she had a late miscarriage.” He even went about writing, “As the saying goes - What doesn`t kill you can only make u stronger. Life is Life is Life.”

And then finally he wrote, “Most importantly Natasha is in good health and can have try again. This half-pint I married is a warrior in every sense.”

Here’s hoping Natasha and Fardeen a speedy recovery from the loss they are suffering.

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