I still find all roles hard to do, says Aamir Khan

Mumbai: Aamir Khan looks effortlessly comfortable in every character he plays onscreen whether it is the police officer of `Sarfarosh` or the painter in his latest `Dhobi Ghat`.

But the actor says he still finds it difficult to get into the skin of a character even after two decades in Bollywood.

"I`m yet to find a role (that is) easy, all roles are hard and it`s hard to get into the skin of another person. It`s hard to understand the mind of another person because you are very much what you are and when you have to become someone else, it`s very important to understand what you are becoming and have an ability to slip into that," Aamir told reporters.

"So I don`t find it that easy, no matter which character I`m playing," Aamir said.