Jessie J ramps up security post Simon Cowell scare

London,: Jessie J has decided to beef up her security arrangements after Simon Cowell’s mansion was broken into.

The 23-year-old has become the focus of fans of the BBC1 show and even helped bring in 9.3million viewers as The Voice went head to head with Cowell’s BGT on Saturday.

The Price Tag singer has been inundated with Tweets and fan mail due to the increased exposure.

She has been bowled over by the attention but is wary that she could become a target for undesirables.

Her management are ready to draft in extra manpower to keep her safe from anyone who tries to cross the line.

“Jessie has a great and close relationship with her fans and that will not change,” the Daily Star quoted a source as saying.

“But fame carries its risks, as proved by the incident involving Simon.

“We are just talking about an extra minder or two when the occasion merits it.

“There will also be a review of security around her home,” the source added.