Kangna Ranaut reveals her blue blood tormentors

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: It is not an easy climb up the hill for a small-town girl or a boy in the showbiz and actress Kangna Ranaut’s tale is a strong proof of the fact.

In an interview to a daily, the actress revealed that even after the success of her debut film, ‘Gangster’, the people in the industry distrusted her acting capabilities and dismissed her as a B-grade actress.

She also went on to reveal that the industry’s prejudice against ‘outsiders’ like her kept her jobless for two years. The “blue-blood babas and babies” made fun of her humble family background. She was jokingly named as a Jenny from the hill.

Once, on the music launch of a multi-starrer film, two of her leading male actors humiliated her. “I was humiliated at a music launch of a film where the two big stars had me removed from the posters. Just that the film had already been shot, otherwise they would have wanted me to be dropped out of the film too. They wasted time and money to destroy my career.”

In a nutshell, Kangna reconfirmed the truth that the industry is ruled by those who either have a good lineage or have the moolah.