Kareena Kapoor wants to invite Prez Obama home!

Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi: US President Barack Obama visiting India is reason enough to cause flutter all over the nation. How can Bollywood be left out? So, when Kareena Kapoor visited capital to promote her upcoming Diwali bonanza ‘Golmaal 3’, a question was popped out in regards to the Prez for which the cat-eyed beauty had a quite interesting reply.

Given a chance, where would Kareena like to take Obama out? Well, here’s what she had for an answer - “Can’t I just invite Obama home? I would love to invite him home. I’m a great chef, I’d cook some great Indian food for him, talk to him.”

Kareena’s love for cooking was an unexpected revelation. It was later learnt that she studied cooking in school for three years, and would love to cook Saif’s favorite dish for him (in case you are curious, she hasn’t yet cooked anything for him). He’s non veg, she’s strictly veg, but love triumphs, as in the movies — she will cook him his mutton curry!

Asked about her plans for Diwali this year, Kareena said that she’ll be busy promoting ‘Golmaal 3’, however, she expressed her heart, saying, “I want my movie to do well. And I wish my family, my parents, Saif, his kids Sara and Ebrahim could all be together. Saif’s in London, his kids are in Delhi, my niece and nephew are in Delhi. I wish we could all be together — but then work comes first…”