Katy Perry and Russell Brand want to set up a charity

Washington: Katy Perry and her husband Russell Brand have plans to set up a foundation to help the poor and needy.

Perry reveals they both want to help others struggling in life by creating their own charity.

"He’s so intelligent. So full of wonderful plans. If you really want to know what made me fall in love with him was how amazing he was with people, particularly with children,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling Britain``s Grazia magazine.

"Russell has changed his life and wants to help other people change theirs. For all his naughtiness on the surface, underneath he``s truly good. My parents adore him.

”People laugh when I say Russell is a man of God but I’m just waiting for them to see what he does. We have this plan to set up a foundation to help people, feed them, clothe them, give shelter. We don’t want to use our fame just to sit on our money on a mountain, we want to do something with it," she added.