Kutcher to testify at the trial of his ex-lover’s killer

Melbourne: Ashton Kutcher is set to testify at the trial of a serial killer who is accused of brutally murdering the actor’s former love interest Ashley Ellerin.

According to the Daily Mail, Kutcher will be a critical prosecution witness in the case against alleged serial killer Michael Gargiulo with the star’s testimony key to establishing Ellerin’s time of death, reports a website.

Gargiulo of Santa Monica, faces two counts of murder and two counts of burglary in connection with the killings of 22-year-old Ellerin, and Maria Bruno, according to prosecutors.

The actor has never publicly spoken about the gruesome incident that took place in 2001, but is set to relive his nightmare when he takes the stand next year.

Kutcher was 23 years old when Ellerin, an aspiring model and student, asked him out on a date, but the actor turned her down.

Later that evening, Kutcher decided to make peace with Ellerin and drove to her home in Hollywood finding the lights on.

Kutcher knocked on her door before peeking in her window and seeing what he thought was red wine on the floor, according to reports.

Kutcher didn’t realize Ellerin was already dead, having allegedly been stabbed 35 times.