Mendes granted restraining order against alleged stalker

London: Actress Eva Mendes has been granted a restraining order against a New York based stalker, whom she accused of hounding her for three years.

Mendes told the judge she has been living in "constant fear" from John C. Luna, who allegedly thinks that he is in a relationship with the actress.

"As a result of Mr. Luna`s conduct directed at me... including references in a letter that he knows I am willing to die for him, and his showing up at my house on May 31st, 2011, looking for me, I am in constant fear," said Mendes in a legal statement.

The 37-year-old also claimed that she has been harassed by Luna since 2008 and even showed up at her Los Angeles home in May this year, reports a website.

She has now been granted a temporary order, which requires Luna to stay at least 91 metres away from Mendes, her home, her car and workplace. She also wants the stalker to pay her legal bills for the amount of 5,343 pounds.