Naseer breaks his own rule, promotes son Imaad`s movie

Mumbai: Naseeruddin Shah is doing for his son`s career what he has never done for his own. Lending his presence at strategic places to promote his elder son`s forthcoming movie ‘404’.

Imaad, also a rock musician, has been performing live at various venues in different cities. On Friday he and his rock-band had a concert in Kathmandu and people were pleasantly surprised to see Naseer there.

Significantly Naseer did not allow the limelight to be shifted away from his son.

"Yes I attended Imaad`s concert in Kathmandu. I made sure it remained his evening. So when people at the concert began to approach me, very sweetly, I might add, I had to turn down their requests for attention. It was my son`s evening. I was just a spectator who happened to be a proud father," said Naseer.

He made a quiet entry.

"Naseer knows his presence makes his son self-conscious. So he decided to slip in quietly and sat through the entire evening watching Imaad with parental pride," said a source.

"The concert at the open-air restaurant 1905 in the Kanthipath area of Kathmandu was for a very restricted audience. The concert got delayed because of inclement weather. But Naseer sat patiently in an unobtrusive corner the entire evening. When Imaad and his band finally started performing at 9 p.m., Naseer`s face was glowing with happiness," added the source.

Directed by Prawal Raman, "404" is releasing next Friday. It is set in a medical institution and Imaad plays an eccentrically genius college senior in it.