Nicholas Cage`s rant caught on camera

London: Actor Nicolas Cage`s foul-mouthed rant outside a nightclub in Romania has been caught on camera.

The 46-year-old was partying with friends and crew members of his new film "Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance" when he lost his temper outside the club in Bucharest.

His expletive outburst was caught by a passer-by on mobile phone, reports The footage was broadcast on a local television station, which showed Cage screaming.

"Get in that car and walk away. I`ll f*****g die because of honour. I`ll f*****g die right now," screams Nicolas.

It appears in the video that his anger is directed towards a man and two women who attempted to calm him down. Cage`s bodyguards were forced to step in.

The footage later shows Cage pretending to point two fingers in his own eyes and screaming: "See my eyes - respect them as you`d respect me."