Post separation, Sussanne Khan moves on in her life

Zee Media Bureau/ Anindita Dev

New Delhi: Sussanne Khan, formerly known as Sussanne Khan Roshan chose to maintain a poignant calm post split with her husband, Hrithik Roshan. In a country like India, where `marriages are made in heaven` is a sacred concept, the separation of this perfect couple came as a blow to many who idealised them.

Post split, there were rumours of Hrithik drowning himself in agony and pain, but later on both of them started to move on in their life. The duo underwent a divorce following their 13 years of marriage.

While the `Krrish` actor busied himself with his upcoming movies, his ex-wife on the other resorted to partying hard with close friends and family. That`s how life is working for her supposedly. The 35 year old entrepreneur has now reportedly completely immersed herself in her work and taking up more of projects that comes her way.

And eventually to keep all the gossip mongers at bay, she has conveniently decided to maintain a sophisticated silence which concerns her previous relationship.

It is better to nip the past in the bud, than lamenting about it later on.

Well, we all know of the `rebound` theory that works for most post break-up. Maybe this is hers.