Russell Crowe hates being a celebrity

London: Hollywood actor Russell Crowe has revealed he hates celebrity culture and considers it an "unfortunate by-product" of his acting career.

The star who is married to singer-and-actress Danielle Spencer has no interest in being famous and thinks society`s obsession with people in the public eye is detrimental to the movie-making industry.

"Some people believe celebrity is a power that should be used. Ultimately, your dollars are more powerful. I`m famous for making movies. Celebrity just happens to be an unfortunate by-product of what I do. Whatever used to be called mystery, you`re not allowed to have that anymore," quoted him as saying.

"So there`s a whole bunch of blank space that`s filled in with stuff that fills up pages of newspapers. Which is not real, and you know it`s not real, and I know it`s not real. And readers don`t really care because that`s what they`re interested in."