Shah Rukh Khan`s accident on the sets of `Don 2`

New Delhi: Like all heroes, SRK too likes to do his own stunts. Especially at a time when he is leaving no stone unturned to outdo Rajnikanth, who made ripples with his sci-fi `Robot`.

But sadly, had an accident in Berlin, while shooting a wild action sequence for Farhan Akhtar`s Don 2. Accotrding to the source, It was a car chase sequence where SRK had to drive the car with Priyanka sitting next to him.

It was the body double of the actress while SRK was driving. However, the car went out of control and rammed straight into the camera,destroying it completely.

Thankfully, no one was injured and a big mishap was averted. But,the broken camera resulted in losses worth lakhs.

A gracious SRK immediately came out of the car and apologised to everyone around including Farhan. He also volunteered to pay for all the damages incurred.