Sister Sunaina is a greater superhero: Hrithik Roshan

Mumbai: Actor Hrithik Roshan is playing a superhero in reel life but he finds his elder sister Sunaina to be a greater superhero.

Hrithik, 39, said he would be spending time this Raksha Bandhan with his sister by taking her out for lunch.

"Any equation of love will never change. There may be refreshing ways to connect with each other. Any two people growing up together have to find new ways to connect with one another," Hrithik said in a statement here.

Hrithik feels his sister Sunanina has contributed a lot to his career.

"There are so many times when I think of her when I am facing the camera. I think of my sister because she is the greatest love of all. I know she is the one person who will be by my side no matter what. And at the same time, she will never be afraid to tell me that I am wrong. She has integrity as well as the power to love," he said.

While Sunaina, who has fought cancer and other issues in her life bravely, finds herself much closer to Hrithik than her father and looks upto him for advice.