Tila wins restraining order against kidnap claim snapper

Washington: Reality TV star Tila Tequila, who was accused of kidnapping a photographer`s girlfriend, has won a restraining order against the snapper.

Garry Sun had made headlines when he alleged the model and four armed men abducted Shyla Jennings, claimed to be Sun`s girlfriend from her Texas home.

Tequila had insisted the snapper was nothing more than a disgruntled former employee she had fired after he made "sexual advances" towards her.

"Garry Sun is a crazed paparazzi who won`t leave me alone! I remember calling the police on him finally because after I fired him, he went crazy and threatened to kill me. He`s just a crazed paparazzi who had a dangerous fatal attraction with me and is still angry that I fired him," Contactmusic quoted the star as writing on her official website.

According to TMZ.com she is now planning to file a lawsuit against him for "making such crazy allegations about me" to TMZ.com.