Veena Malik wants Musharraf and Shiv Sena in Pak `Bigg Boss`

Islamabad: If Pakistani starlet Veena Malik had her way, she would pit former President Pervez Musharraf against the Shiv Sena in a Pakistani version of `Bigg Boss`, the reality show that brought her to the limelight.

Veena, who has taken on the mullah brigade for calling her "immoral" for her appearance on `Bigg Boss`, was asked in an interview about the contestants she would choose if Pakistan were to host the reality show.

"Former President Pervez Musharraf, (former minister) Sheikh Rashid, (parliamentarian) Jamsheed Dasti, Shiv Sena, Nargis, (Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam chief) Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Aishwarya Rai, actress Meera and Britney Spears," she said, naming her dream list of contestants.

Asked if she would repeat any contestant from `Bigg Boss 4`, she told a daily, "Dolly Bindra. Even the very thought of this show is very funny. This could be hilarious."

Veena also said that if she could change one thing about Pakistan, it would be the "double standards and hypocrisy".

The actress, who has been criticized by religious hardliners for bringing a bad name to Pakistan, again defended her appearance in the reality show.

"Before I went to `Bigg Boss`, people showed videos of women being publicly beaten up by men to represent the condition of women in Pakistan. I showed the world that Pakistani women are not the ones that get beaten up. I showed that a Pakistani woman wears modern clothes at home and at the same time she can cook and serve others," she said.

Veena also made it clear that she was hurt by the Pakistani entertainment industry`s failure to come to her rescue when she became embroiled in controversy.

Asked who was her hero, she replied, "I spoke against the double standards and defended myself on television. There isn`t anyone in the entertainment industry right now that I look up to."

She lauded the liberals who had come to her defence.

"Credit goes to all the liberal people of Pakistan. I have been receiving messages and phone calls from the fashion industry and other people from all walks of life, telling me that I am their hero. I had to come on television and defend myself because no one else was defending me," she said.

Veena said she plans to invite Hollywood star Pamela Anderson, who appeared on the reality show, to Pakistan.

"I talked to her and I am going to invite her to Pakistan to work in order to provide clean water to marginalized people here once things settle down. I also talked to (actor) Ashmit Patel and he wants to come and work with thalessemia patients," said Malik.

She said she had plenty of film offers but plans to focus on television for now.

"I am not going to do some typical B or C class Bollywood films," she said.