When Russian president Dmitry Medvedev met Shah Rukh Khan

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: It was a rare honour for Bollywood badshah Shah Rukh Khan when Russian president Dmitry Medvedev landed on the sets of ‘Ra.One’.

On Wednesday evening, Medvedev dropped by on the sets of ‘Ra.One’ and hobnobbed with the entire cast and crew of the film. Apart from Shah Rukh, Medvedev was keen to meet Kareena Kapoor, the granddaughter of legendary Raj Kapoor.

Apparently, Raj Kapoor is one of the most popular Bollywood star in Russia. In fact, ‘Awaara’ and ‘Shree 420’ were big hits in Russia and songs from the film can still be heard in Moscow restaurants.

Taking to a daily, a source said, “The president was very keen to meet Shah Rukh Khan. Since he is a huge fan of Raj Kapoor, he also expressed his desire to meet the two grandchildren of Raj Kapoor Kareena and Ranbir. He couldn’t meet Ranbir since the actor is shooting in Delhi for ‘Rockstar’, but he did catch up with Kareena and SRK while they were shooting a song sequence at the Yash Raj studios. The President saw one shot, chatted with the stars and left.”

Not long back, world renowned magician Franz Harary was in Mumbai and was spotted on the sets of ‘Ra.One’.

Even as ‘Ra.One’ director Anubhav Sinha remained mum on Medvedev’s visit, he talked at length about Harary’s visit to the film set as, “I was taken in by surprise to have the world’s best magician on our film sets. He is a huge Shah Rukh fan. He hung around on the sets for an hour and entertained the unit. It was great fun.”

Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor were unavailable for comments.