5 New Age Foundations: The Alphabetical Range of Tinted Creams

5 New Age Foundations: The Alphabetical Range of Tinted Creams

Makeup or no makeup? This has been a perennial question in a girl’s life. These days the market is filled with advanced version of lightweight tinted creams that endows the face with ample coverage and adequate glow – without giving one, a feel of being decked up. These can be worn naked, without any foundation or compact powder and has skin-care benefits too. Permanent Makeup expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Gunjan Gaur, describes all these for you to catch hold of true beauty all the time.

AA (Anti-Aging) Cream: The first-of-all cream is known to reverse the skin-aging process. It diminishes the visible signs of aging like; fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots and also provide a smoother texture to your skin. In India, majority of these creams are not tinted; yet they provide enough moisture as well as smooth-texture to your skin. Though, these creams have been there in existence since some time; the abbreviation is quite latest to be used. It also skin-regenerating, spot-reducing and hence, fairness-inducing properties too!

BB (Beauty Balm) Cream: A BB cream is a Beauty Balm is a multi-benefit skin product. It provides moisture, light coverage, sun protection, other skin resurrection benefits to your skin due the SPF and antioxidants content in it. It is known to improve the skin-texture with prolonged usage besides acting as a perfect makeup base. It is available is light, dark or medium shades. Founded in Germany, the cream is the most popular amongst all its counterparts and is ruling way beyond.

CC (Color Correction) Cream: A CC cream has additional color that perfectly neutralizes the greyness/oliveness of your skin-tone and makes your skin emerge flawless. But, this may not be the right pick for everyone as its foundation-color might or might not match everybody’s skin-tone. Therefore, it is certainly known to bring glow onto the skin – but not necessarily on each skin tone. Just be sure to pick wisely before using.

DD (Damage Delay) Cream: Interestingly, there one more concept introduced in creams called Damage Defying (DD) Creams which has anti-wrinkle properties and are best for ladies above the age of 35. They are more heavy duty creams a provided the much-needed coverage for the problems of mature skin – while restoring the skin-elasticity through its cell-regeneration process. So, all you need to do is to choose according to your personal need.

EE (Even Effect) Cream:  While the product is abbreviated an Even Effect Skin-tone Corrector, it can be pronounced as an EE Cream. It aims at removing hyper pigmentation and dark spots of the facial skin while making it appear smooth and even toned immediately after application. It contains Baicalin, known to minimize the visible effects of skin-irritation due to pollution that can trigger the formation of excess pigment and dark spots. Also, for an overall more even effect, this smooth, fluid formulation includes color-correcting pigments that promise your skin for a naturally luminous finish.

So, if you too possess a problematic, scarred or just dull skin – these creams are sure to do wonders for you. Just round upon a suitable one – followed by choosing just the right shade and get going.