Actress Sarah Jessica Parker`s prized Chanel jacket

Los Angeles: Actress Sarah Jessica Parker considers her Chanel jacket to be a prized possession, and admits she is a huge fan of French fashion house.

Parker was thrilled when she first got her hands on a black jacket from the luxury brand, reports

"The Chanel jacket is certainly something you think about, and maybe one day you are fortunate enough to own it, you relish it. I now own one and, among some other things in my life, I consider it a prized possession. I feel very lucky," said Parker.

The mother of three says she is obsessed with the jacket, and tries to wear it as much as she can, in different ways.

"It depends on your life, but I wear mine to take the children to school, to go to the market... You throw it on over a little black dress and then it feels fancy and important.

"But it is as easy to feel casual or glamorous in it," she told Brtish magazine Grazia.