Makeup Tips to attain a chiseled-face look

Makeup Tips to attain a chiseled-face look

Bharti Taneja

A chiseled face – having a defined jaw-line and sharp features – is everyone’s dream. But unfortunately, not each of us is blessed with such sculpted face. However, using few clever makeup tricks (along with some exercise) can help you attain this look. How to implement it; explains, Famous Cosmetologist & Aesthetician and Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Bharti Taneja. So, why waiting; follow!

Sweaty acts:

Some natural ways to get a super-chiseled look by getting rid of face-flab are high speed running and brisk walking. Other activities that really help you in attaining a chiseled look is continuous paced jogging, sports activities such as – basketball, squash and Zumba – a dance form. All of these work by reducing fat level on plump areas of the face – double chin, cheeks, stomach etc,.

Bronzed Goddess:

Using bronzer on certain parts of your face is the fastest way to make your cheeks and jawline, appear chiseled.  This would also give your face, a glowing, sun-kissed and tanned look. Incept doing it by this making a 3 (numeric three) on both sides of your face. It is used for contouring forehead, cheekbones and jaw-line.

Contour Perfect:

Not a fan of tan? Try contouring your face with a base two shades darker to your original skin-tone. Apply it right below your chin area to camouflage the double chin. Do the same under cheekbones after making a fish-face to shed the flab of your cheeks. Similarly, your nose can be corrected too if it’s broad looking by applying a darker base on both sides of your nose.

Blusher Defined:

Blush away you flabby-face woes by picking up a chocolate-brown hued blush-on, by applying it below the double chin and on the hollows of your cheekbones to camouflage the plumpness of your face. Blushing will endow a three-dimensional look to your face by creating shadows on it.


Highlight Right:

If you are already blessed with chiseled features, but still want to enhance the look of your facial attributes – you can opt for highlighting. For this, apply a highlighter with sheen on the highest point of cheekbones, bridge of your nose and center of the chin, to lay emphasis on these areas.  Go a bit further – use a little bit between the eyebrows and on the cupid bow of your lips too, to turn your appearance just like a celebrity!