Marilyn Monroe`s face to front Chanel

London: Late screen icon Marilyn Monroe`s face is fronting a promotional campaign for a luxury perfume from the house of Chanel.

The late icon follows in the footsteps of other brand ambassadors including Carole Bouquet and Nicole Kidman, and most recently Brad Pitt, who earlier fronted the campaign, reports

Monroe will now be taking over from Pitt after Chanel bosses put together a new promo featuring previously unreleased pictures of the actress and unheard audio in which she explains her famous quote about wearing nothing but Chanel No. 5 in bed.

She says in the film: "They ask you questions like... What do you wear to bed - A pyjama top?... A nightgown? So I said, `Chanel No. 5` because it`s the truth!"