Price`s hair ruined with 11,000-pound treatment

London: Glamour model Katie Price is demanding compensation from a Los Angeles hair salon after she spent 11,000 pounds on hair extensions that she claims were botched, leaving her hair so damaged that it began falling out.

Price is seeking a refund plus compensation from Lea Journo, one of Hollywood`s most in-demand hairdressers, who has tended her hair three times a year since 2006.

The 33-year-old model, who spent 48 hours in the salon over five days and was worked on by a team of hairdressers, noticed problems after technicians began the colouring.

She further claimed her hair became brittle and began snapping off halfway through the treatment.

"It looked fine once it had been blow dried, but Katie said it felt uncomfortable and the extensions were tugging at the roots. When she got back to Britain she got a hairdresser to look at the extensions, who said they had been applied unevenly. Her hair was very weak from the colouring. It was brittle and broke off easily, leaving different parts different lengths. At the front there were bits that were only a few centimetres long. The damage will take a long time to repair," quoted a source as saying.

Price was later offered a 50 percent refund and an invitation to return to have the work corrected. But that offer has since been retracted and she is seeking advice about getting her money back.