Vidya`s `Ghanchakkar` fashion puts designer in dilemma

Mumbai: Actress Vidya Balan, who is playing a Punjabi housewife in her next film ‘Ghanchakkar’ says her fashion sense in the romantic comedy is bizarre, and that her designer had a tough time trying to put together the look.

"I had great fun playing Nitu Bhatia in `Ghanchakkar`. She`s the hatti-katti (hefty) Punjabi housewife, who we all know, somehow! She is the cats` whiskers, when it comes to fashion," Vidya said here.

Describing the part further, she said: "She`s the sort of woman who goes for a walk one day and feels if you`ve exercised, there`s no harm eating one `samosa`. Subarna Rai Chaudhari went mad trying to put together the look. What she wears is almost outlandish and even bizarre sometimes... but that`s for you!"

Directed by Rajkumar Gupta, ‘Ghanchakkar’ features Emraan Hashmi opposite Vidya. The film is slated for release June 21.