Navratri Special recipe: Sema Pulao

Try this beautiful vrat pulao for your home during navratri.


Sama Chawal - 2 cups
Large tomato
Chopped green coriander – 2 Tbsp
Paneer – 200 gms
Khoya – Grated ½ Cup
Singhade ka atta – 2 Tbsp
Desi ghee/Oil - 4 tbsp
Green chilies - 2
Sendha namak


Finely chop the green chilies and the coriander.
Mash the khoya, 1tbsp singhada ka atta and paneer well till smooth as a dough.
Make small marble sized balls. Roll the balls in singhada ka atta and roll again between palms.
Deep fry the balls till golden in colour.
Heat a tbsp. ghee or oil.
Add the sama ka chawal and fry till lightly coloured
Add the sendha namak to taste and 2 cup water.
Bring to a boil and reduce heat.
Cook till almost done.
Remove from heat and cover and set aside covered for 10-12 minutes or till all the moisture is absorbed.
Fluff up using a fork. Chop tomato into dices.

Add the balls, chopped tomatoes, chilies and coriander leaves to the fluffed rice and mix lightly.