Recipe: The Vault Special Chicken Dumpling

Recipe: The Vault Special Chicken Dumpling


Minced Chicken Thai 150 gm.

Peanuts 10 gm

Water chestnuts 10 gm.

Bell Peppers 20 gm

Oyster Sauce half tea spoon

Wheat Starch 30 gm

Potato Starch 30 gm

Chilli Sauce 10 gm.

Soya sauce 10 ml.

Black Bean 5 gm

Salt to taste


Chop Bell peppers, Water chestnuts, and peanuts .

And add it  to minced Chicken.

Add salt, oyster sauce, and chili sauce to the chicken mixture and mix well.

Make dough of wheat starch and potato starch with hot water.

Flatten the dough and stuffed the chicken mixture.

Steam for 4 to 6 minutes. And serve with chili sauce, soya sauce and Black bean sauce.

Recipe courtesy: The Vault Cafe