Knightley surrounded herself with disturbing images for ‘madness’ role

London: Keira Knightley has revealed that she plastered her trailer with grotesque and disturbing images of humans in turmoil to prepare for her role as mental patient-turned-psychoanalyst Sabina Spielrein in her upcoming movie, ‘A Dangerous Method’.

The actress decided to surround herself with pictures of distorted and screaming humans from the work of famed artist Francis Bacon - and admits it was a deliberate move to unnerve herself as she’s been terrified of Bacon’s images since she was a child.

“Honestly, it was terrifying. I covered my entire trailer on set with these pictures, which were so animalistic, almost demonic, especially the studies for the Crucifixion,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling Culture magazine.

“My mum took me to an exhibition of his work when I was really little and I just remember how claustrophobic and completely terrified I was. I hated it. And now I’m scarred for ever,” she said.

But the Pirates of the Caribbean star is adamant that being surrounded by Bacon’s most disturbing images helped her perfect her role.

“(It worked) because for me the work depicts madness. And I always think of Francis Bacon when I think about someone who is in that sort of place,” she added.