‘Princesses’ will no longer find any place in Disney cartoon films!

London: It’s like the end of an era in the world of cartoons - Disney bosses have announced that they will make no more “princess” cartoons.

Execs have decided that Tangled, based on the story of ‘Rapunzel’ and due for UK release in January, will be the studio’s final fairytale film, possibly for ever.

Instead of focusing on repeating the success of 'Sleeping Beauty' and 'The Princess And The Frog', Disney will focus its attention on its “mega franchises” such as 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' and 'Toy Story', the most successful series in animation history.

“Today, among little girls especially, princesses and the romanticised ideal they represent – finding the man of your dreams – have a limited shelf life,” a daily quoted Disney board director John Lasseter, as saying.

Ed Catmull, head of Pixar Animation, added, “Films and genres do run a course. Princesses may come back later if someone has a new take.”