Tom Felton clueless about Harry Potter during audition

London: Actor Tom Felton who plays baddie Draco Malfoy in the `Harry Potter` franchise is convinced that he won the role because he was clueless about the books which are a rage among youngsters.

The 23-year-old British star insisted that his ignorance during his first audition set him apart from the rest of the wannabe actors, who were fans of the books which have been adapted into film, reported a website.

"It was open auditions to the whole of the country and I think I was the only child out of 20,000 that had no idea what Harry Potter was, which made it very hard as they were asking the children which scenes they were looking forward to seeing from the book come to the film," said Felton.

"It got to two away from me when I realised I didn`t have an answer. The guy next to me said something about Gringotts and goblins so I was just like, `Yeah, those Gringotts sound awesome`, and the director saw straight through me. I think that helped me get the part of Draco!," he added.


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