Bruce Willis to appear on spoof of TV show `Under the Dome`

Washington: Hollywood star Bruce Willis is all set to feature in a spoof of Stephen King and Steven Spielberg`s new show `Under the Dome.`

The television show, currently airing on BIG CBS LOVE, is based on King`s best-selling novel of the same name.

The bona fide movie star dropped by "Late Show with David Letterman ," where he joked that he was returning to the small screen as a guest star on the summer hit ` Under the Dome.`

He even brought along a clip of his stint on the show.

However, unlike most characters Willis isn`t under the dome, in fact, he plays the guy who lives in a house right next to the dome and it turns out to be a joke.

The hilarious video also sees a shot of Willis accidentally breaking down the glass shields that the filming crew of the spoof was trying pass off as the dome.