DID has inspired films, says Ahmed Khan

Mumbai: Judge Ahmed Khan is impressed with the talent on ‘Dance ka Tashan’.

"It is because of dancers like you that DID has become a reference point for films!" exclaimed Judge Ahmed Khan after he watched skipper Siddhesh Pai and his prodigy Jeet Das perform a scintillating Bollywood number on this week`s episode of Zee TV`s `Dance Ka Tashan`.

Ahmed was so impressed with their expressions, timing and choreography that he couldn`t help remember his early days in the industry.

"You know you have done a good job as a mentor when your student is able to match steps with you" he said to Siddhesh "...and I must say that you have done an amazing job choreographing Jeet! It is a proud moment for me as well. Like I learned from my mentor Saroj ji and Remo learned from me; you too have learned well from Remo and passed on that learning to Jeet. It is wonderful that DID as a platform gives so many talented youngsters a chance to shine in front of the entire nation. There is such a huge number of versatile acts and so many different levels of dancing that the show has become a reference point for choreography in films as well."

This week`s performances have Siddhesh and Jeet performing to a foot tapping, highly entertaining version of ‘Bade Kaam Ka Bandar’ with Shreya and Deep even putting up a classically choreographed waltz. The moms too are not far behind as Prince pairs up with Radhika to perform a version of tutting that has never been seen before on Indian television. Cecille and Zoya too take on a gravity defying act that had them in a harness while dancing to ‘Taaki Taaki’ and ‘Naino Mein Sapna’.

Watch this power packed episode of `Dance Ka Tashan` on Saturday at 9PM only on Zee TV.