I`m sure ghosts exist: Samir Soni

Mumbai: Samir Soni, last seen in `Parichay - Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka`, is back on television as a ghostbuster. He believes that supernatural elements do exist.

In the supernatural thriller `Ringa Ringa Roses`, marks Samir`s first foray into fearsomeness.

And he says it`s to do with the character rather than the genre.

"This is the most intense multi-layered character I`ve ever played. To me, the challenge is to convince viewers that this character of a ghostbuster actually exists," said Samir.

The actor, who has also dabbled in big-screen acting with `China Gate` and `Baghban`, admits he had never encountered a ghost in real life.

"But stories about the supernatural have been around for centuries in all parts of the world. I am sure ghosts exist, although I haven`t encountered any," said the actor.

For someone who has been around on television to see myriad changes, Samir is nonchalant about the changes.

"Change is inevitable in life. As the audience adopts changes of lifestyle and morals, television too must incorporate the changing mores and sensibilities," he said.

"The influence of Western culture on our cinema and television is undeniable. But we Indians love a good story with plenty of drama. Nothing can change that," said the actor who is active on the small screen since `A Mouthful of Sky` days.

Samir feels television is an important medium of social change.

"We are going through a period of tremendous media influence in every walk of life. Television plays a major role in shaping the coming generations," he said.

Unearthly shooting hours on television do not deter Samir from spending time with his baby-daughter Ahana.

"I admit I am not able to spend as much time with her as I`d like to. She`s 11 months old. And she has her own schedule. I find it hard to co-ordinate my timings with hers. But it`s a delight to wake up to her smiling face."

More than his own joy at parenthood, it is wife and former actress Neelam`s happiness that makes Samir happy.

"I`ve never seen Neelam happier since I`ve known her. And to me that complete feeling of a happy family means everything. Our daughter is named Ahana. It means the first ray of the sun. And she has indeed brought sunshine into our lives," he said.