Mallika Sherawat doesn`t want to marry anyone from filmdom

Mumbai: A "pathetic" and "lonely" life has led Mallika Sherawat to find "real" love via a TV show. And the actress is sure that she doesn`t want to marry anyone from the glamour world.

"I don`t want any person for myself from the entertainment industry. They don`t attract me," Mallika said here Thursday at the launch of the show.

"You can see how pathetic and lonely is my life that to find love I have to come on TV. My world, which has glitz, glamour and films, is a make believe world. This is not a real world. I want to come out of this make believe world and enter the real world, where their is certain normalcy," she added.

The actress, who will try to find her soulmate through the reality show ‘The Bachelorette India - Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika’, said many actresses found their love outside the industry.

"It is because of this normalcy only that you will see many actresses marrying doctors or businessmen. This is because they want real relationship with a real man. That is the only reason for me to come on TV and do the show," Mallika said.

It seems Mallika is taking inspiration from Madhuri Dixit who married US-based surgeon Shriram Nene and Shilpa Shetty who tied the knot wtih NRI businessman Raj Kundra.

The actress, who has had several link ups including actor Antonio Banderas, is confident of finding true love in India.

"I want to find true love and I will get that true love in a Hindustani only and not anywhere else," Mallika said.

Meanwhile, the actress is looking forward to the show.

"For people, it is just a show but for me it is a long journey of my life. In the show, somebody is a clerk, somebody is a businessman and somebody is a computer engineer. There are all sorts of people, but normal people," the actress said.