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Ranbir Kapoor`s triple cameo on Zee TV!

Zeenews bureau

Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor, the lead of the highly anticipated film `Barfi` and heartthrob of millions of girls across the country spent the day shooting with the leading ladies of Zee TV`s popular primetime shows - `Hitler Didi`, `Punarvivaah` and `Phir Subah Hogi` recently.

Actresses Kratika Sengar (Aarti of `Punarvivaah`), Gulki Joshi (Sugni of `Phir Subah Hogi`) and Rati Pandey (Indira of `Hitler Didi`) were in an upbeat mood at the prospect of sharing screen space with the talented young star.

During the shoot, Ranbir was seen attentively listening to the director`s instructions while adding some of his very original chutzpah to the scenes in question. It seemed that the actor also shared a few fun moments with the l`il star of the day - child actress Shruti Bisht who was positively over the moon at the thought of meeting and shooting a scene with her favourite actor. A thorough gentleman and a charmer at that, Ranbir was warm and friendly with all the actors and children of various crew members who queued up to click pictures with him.

"Ranbir was a complete and thorough gentleman. I really couldn`t believe that I was going to be in the same scene with him. My stylist had to keep pinching me through the day so I knew that it wasn`t a dream. Ranbir is one of the finest actors we have in the current generation and to be able to work with him is quite an honour." said Kratika. "I have liked Ranbir right from his debut in `Sawariya`. I think all the women in the country were fidaa after that towel dance! He is the chocolate boy of millions of women and to think that I had him all to myself in that one scene." she continued with a blush.

The `Barfi Marathon` which airs on Zee TV on Wednesday, 12th September will see `Barfi` (played by Ranbir Kapoor) make an appearance in three of Zee TV`s most popular prime time shows. In `Hitler Didi`, `Phir Subah Hogi` and `Punarvivaah`, `Barfi` will be seen trying his best to win over the lead actresses on the show by making them forget their troubles and smiling, if only for a little while. In `Hitler Didi`, he will be the peacemaker between lil Indu (Shruti Bisht) and Zara Khan (Rati Pandey) by giving them flowers and chocolates. Barfi`s lovable and upbeat attitude along with his cheerful dancing will help Sugni (Gulki Joshi) temporarily forget her worries on `Phir Subah Hogi` while he helps Aarti (Kratika Sengar) realise the reason for Yash`s anger on `Punarvivaah`.

With an upbeat attitude and a lovable demeanour, `Barfi` is the sure shot way to leave all your troubles behind. Watch Ranbir Kapoor in this special `triple` cameo on the `Barfi Marathon` on Wednesday, September 12th at 8:30 PM on `Hitler Didi`, 9:30 PM on `Phir Subah Hogi` and 10:30 PM on `Punarvivaah` only on Zee TV!