Sarah Palin booed on live TV show

Los Angeles: Controversial Republican leader Sarah Palin was booed on live television when she appeared on `Dancing With The Stars` to cheer her daughter Bristol Palin.

The former governor of Alaska was in the audience for the second week of the show, as her 19-year-old daughter took on the quick step.

But just as Palin was being seated for an onscreen interview on the sidelines of the stage, there was booing from the crowd, according to Hollywood Reporter.

"There`s booing in the ballroom... I don`t know why," said hostess Brooke Burke. The show then cut to host Tom Bergeron sat next to Palin, who had a stunned look on her face and her youngest daughter, Piper.

The 46-year-old, who was John McCain`s running mate in 2008 US Presidential elections, brought out her usual spiel in the interview, calling her daughter `Bristol the pistol`.

Almost as if to mark her famous mother`s appearance, Bristol`s dance was the main event, the final performance of the night.

It was introduced with a clip showing her visiting the family`s home in Wasilla with dancing partner Mark Ballas.