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Music Review: Bappa Lahiri`s `Jai Veeru` old wine in new bottle

Film: "Jai Veeru"; Music Director: Bappa Lahiri; Lyricist: Sameer and Omar Inayat; Singers: Hard Kaur, Rema Lahiri, Mauli Dave, Javed Ali, Raja Hasan, Mika Singh, Tulsi Kumar, Saim, Omar Inayat; Rating: **

His father Bappi Lahiri was known as the Disco King of Bollywood. Now Bappa Lahiri makes his debut as a solo composer with "Jai Veeru". Despite his young age, his album lacks freshness and novelty.

"Agre ka ghagra" is an item song and it seems Bappa tries to recreate another "Kajra re". The song falls flat despite Mauli Dave`s impressive vocals and ample support by other singers - Javed Ali and Raja Hasan.

In order to amalgamate various genres in the soundtrack, Lahiri`s next "Aisa lashkara" is a hip-hop number crooned by Hard Kaur and Reema Lahiri. Though the composer has tried to keep the tempo rising, the song doesn`t strike a chord with the listeners.

"Dhun Lagi" turns out to be a number which lacks originality and seems to have been heard before. Raja Hasan sings well but the song with a folk twist fails to create an impact owing to its ordinary lyrics and typical musical arrangements.

The song has an electro mix and a dance mix, but neither version adds value to the original.

Next is "Sufi", which can be described as the best song in the album. The poignant and romantic track leaves a mark on music buffs. Saim and Tulsi Kumar have worked well behind the mike and by filling this Sufi rock ballad with emotions.

The rock version of "Sufi" adds to the original number and takes the song to another level. The rock-musical feel with zany electric guitar strumming, effectively rendered vocals and thriving percussions making it apt for the special rock-concert feel.

"Tennu le" brings with it an altogether different flavour with a mix of English and Punjabi lyrics. A hip-hop track, sung by Omar Inayat, it sounds like Punjabi-British pop songs. The number is high on beats, making it good for the dance floor.

But, overall, "Jai Veeru" doesn`t impress and has too many dull moments. The songs lack freshness and stick to old formulae that don`t work any more.