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ABCD2 movie review: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor set the stage on fire!

ABCD2 movie review: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor set the stage on fire!

A movie brimming with passion for an art form—Dance—has undoubtedly reached a notch higher than its prequel and has come out dazzlingly. Directed by ace choreographer-turned-filmmaker Remo D' Souza, 'ABCD 2' is indeed a treat for all dance lovers and more importantly for those who are glowing with passion about anything in life. Realistic, yet an adrenaline rush, the movie is pregnant with the fire fanning uncherished dreams of many who are talented yet unrecognised.

'ABCD 2' takes off with a beautiful song 'Happy Hour', which has Indian Michael Jackson Prabhudheva, pumping in the required energy and finesse right at the beginning of the movie. Well, who won't just fall in love with him when he dances like a sea wave!

Presented as the mentor, Dheva has hogged the limelight along with lead actors Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor. Prabhudeva reprises his role as coach 'Vishnu Sir' from the original 2013 'ABCD' (Any Body Can Dance). The script highlights a group of underdog dancers who are strikingly talented and wish to be mentored by him, to achieve the dream of their lives - winning the International Hip Hop festival in Vegas.

While the script takes a dip towards the end of the first hour, it gifts a twist unexpectedly and keeps the audiences glued to the big screen. Filled with glitter and action, the dance sequences are stupendous and hugely worked upon, in comparison to the prequel. The lead cast – Varun (Suresh) who breaks the lover-boy stereotypes on one hand and stunning, glamourous Shraddha (Vinnie) on the other have done a phenomenal job by picking up the pro-routines.

Not missing out on the typical 'Indian masala', the movie is full of 'desi-ness' in terms of dialogues and imagery which the audiences will love. However, it is pretty much action-packed post the interval, complete with lavish costumes and amazing tracks. The almost perfect screenplay lifts up the majestic Grand Canyon, where one of the songs has been shot. I must say the camera work by Vijay Arora is marvelous in the scene.

And well, with all the grandeur, weren’t the fans expecting Shraddha and Varun to fall in love? Totally yes! Their love story is essayed realistically - without much drama but keeping the characters focussed on the dance. The movie does not prick the bubble of emotions either, letting the audiences connect well with the concept. Even if it's predictable and basic, the screenplay will win hearts all over.

The hard work and sweat outshines to make up for the low substance of the script. The actors sweating it out for the performances takes the film, higher than expected. The dancing crew, who in real lives have started from the scratch, have showcased their talent and have given their best. Surely, it is a treat to watch them insanely passionate for dance - be it on a small stage or the grandest of them all.

Cruising smooth through the hurdles, the entire cast moves with fervour towards achieving their championship dream and the movie picks up pace. Presented as 'India Stunners', the chase towards the win will totally keep your attention in place. A special applause for the costume designers, set designers and the editing team as they are very much in sync with the theme of the film. The patriotic feel overpowers the emotions of all those who are watching, as the dancing team fights in the international championship as proud Indians, sweating it all out to take the trophy home from a foreign land.

You may be in for a surprise if you thought that 'ABCD 2' would be totally as you predict. Roaring towards the end, the movie is absolutely realistic which is a great plus and you need to watch  the film to know it all. Don't let your weekend be monotonous, grab a ticket – it's worth it.

The curtain closes with a beautiful performance on Ganesh Vandana which is a must for the director in his movie and an absolute adrenaline rush with a prudent message for all passionate dreamers of the world. No matter where you stand right now--'It's all about the next step in life'-Remo D' Souza.

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