Gabbar Is Back movie review: Akshay Kumar's power punch to corruption in style!

Gabbar Is Back movie review: Akshay Kumar's power punch to corruption in style!

Word of caution for all those who assumed Akshay Kumar's 'Gabbar Is Back' is similar to the classic 'Sholay' (which made 'Gabbar' synonymous with great villains in Hindi cinema) will have to buy a ticket and watch the film to understand that's not the case. The 'khiladi' Kumar is back in his real 'action' avatar after a long time. Although, 'Baby' saw him kick some butt, but 'Gabbar Is Back' can safely be called his brand of cinema.

The screenplay takes you down memory lane with the casting roll hinting out at original Gabbar's dialogues and feel, but once the film starts, you know it's not 'Sholay' with Akshay. While we get to see how ten corrupt government officials are kidnapped and then one hung to death by none other than the crusader against corruption—Gabbar (Akshay Kumar), he also has a handful of people to support him—largely students.

The filmmaker Krish has tried to bring forth the point that how youth can do wonders if the energy is channelised on the right path. The way and mechanism through which Gabbar stings the corrupt officials, thereby creating a sense of terror among everyone is incredible to watch. The film never loses its momentum—with some power-packed punches and high jumps.

The villain here is the hero, making you want to clap hard when a corrupt person gets paid for his bad job. However, for this to happen in the real world maybe a herculean task. Coming to back to reel, director Krish has tried to present Gabbar as a phenomenon, which he gradually succeeds in doing towards the climax. The towering personality of Gabbar makes every debased individual fear his name and that's what the whole crusade is about.

Actress Shruti Haasan (she plays Shruti) comes as a breath of fresh air in the film, with her acting skills now polished. The cinematography by Nirav Shah runs smoothly throughout, and background score by Amar Mohile is interesting. Gabbar's look is quite impressive, as Akki nails it in his bearded avatar and side flicks waving away.

Gabbar won't be Gabbar if he was not given heavy and hard-hitting dialogues. Rajat Arora must be praised for giving us enough punch lines to remember—the best part being he used the original with a tinge of the new Gabbar.

Sunil Grover as Constable Sadhu has been given good screen space. Although the audience does remember him as popular television character Gutthi, but this film will surely open new avenues for him. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Aditya (Akshay Kumar before turning Gabbar) are shown as a happy married couple before she dies, which becomes a turning point in the latter's life.

Akshay is most comfortable in the action genre and also looks best doing such roles. Action director Ravi Kapoor has done a brilliant job in making Akki fly in a dramatic way and hit some criminals too. The film basically tries to make each individual active and aware about the wrongs happening right under our nose—and no one taking any action. The hospital scene where doctors are shown making money and not caring about lives is hard-hitting and depressing at the same time. We really need his PWD (Power Wala Danda) to get things happening in real-life too.

After watching this we surely need a real 'Gabbar' to blow some courage in all of us—and wipe out corruption from the root. 'Pachaas Pachaas Kos Dur Jabh Koi Rishwat Leta Hai, Toh Sabh Kehte Hain Mat Le Varna, Gabbar Aa Jaaega.

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