Prem Ratan Dhan Payo movie review: It's yuvraj Salman Khan vs Prem Dilwala!

'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo' is huge in its grandeur and majestic for the eyes.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo movie review: It's yuvraj Salman Khan vs Prem Dilwala!

Let's start by saying that Prem is back after good 16 years! Salman Khan as Prem is overpowering and alluring for the watchers. You will see a lot of similarities between his character as Dilwala Prem (yes that's what he is called) and that of Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi in 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan'. But yes, this Prem is a typical Rajshri wala guy, who is pure at heart and believes in keeping the traditional familial values uptight.

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'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo' is huge in its grandeur, majestic for the eyes and costumes dazzle like beautiful shimmering chandeliers. Sooraj Barjatya has made sure that although he presents his characters in a modern avatar yet the essence of the script is kept hardcore traditional. The opening sounds really magical with 'Payo ji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payo' running in the background.

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We are introduced to the funny yet lovable chap in Ayodhya called Prem, who is a part of a Ramlila group (perfect timing) and he has a buddy-in-crime, Deepak Dobriyal as Kanhaiya. Prem Dilwala (yes looks like Shah Rukh Khan's Dilwale will benefit from this cross-picture promotion—thanks to the coincidence in the titles) wants to meet the princess Maithili who runs an organisation 'Uphaar' which helps people in distress.

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Guess who she is? Well, it is Sonam Kapoor, who looks gorgeous as a princess and is apt for her role filled with a lot of delicacy and 'adaa'. But, wait! There is a twist in the tale, and that is the fact that princess Maithili is already engaged to yuvraj Vijay Singh. Now, who is he? He is again Salman Khan for you peeps!

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Bigg Boss Double Trouble can be seen here as well. This yuvraj Salman is a no non-sense prince, who is strict and doesn't tolerate buffoonary yet he has a heart. The first half of the film opens the rajgharana and its many raaz which are kept under wraps by the shahi dewan Anupam Kher. He does his best to keep the 'raja se kiya hua waada' intact. An honest and fair man, dewan saab does justice to his part.

The twist in the tale comes when yuvraj falls into a trap masterminded by his own brother Neil Nitin Mukesh. The younger brother along with Armaan Kohli (who handles the management affairs in the rajgharana) execute their villainous plan of killing the yuvraj. Will they succeed? We aren't telling you that.

Both Neil and Armaan too fitted the bill in their villainous act. Another actress who needs a special mention here is Swara Bhaskar, who plays one of the step sisters to Salman and shows her angst rightly. The young and zestfull Aashika Bhatia played her football well with audience clapping on her each move.

The music is again something we haven't heard in longtime. V. Manikandan's cinematography is beautiful for the eyes, while Himesh Reshammiya's songs have that added Rajshri stamp on them.

The director has tried his best to keep the ethics of Indian culture right at the center of his screenplay. The movie is a sureshot family entertainer, without any uncomfortable scenes. However, it does take a while to digest that such a perfect family and ethics can co-exist in today's time.

There are a few sequences which can be edited to make the 3 hour long film a little crisp (as now we are used to watching a 2 hour show).

But having said do go grab a ticket if you can and make merry while 'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo' song runs in the background!

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