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`Roy` review: Even Ranbir Kapoor cannot save the film, boring and confusing!

`Roy` review: Even Ranbir Kapoor cannot save the film, boring and confusing!

`Roy` which was supposed to be Ranbir's comeback after the disastrous 'Besharam' in 2013 is more of a let down. 

While the posters and trailers of `Roy` looked quite promising and it was supposed to be a heist drama, it turned out to be a journey of self-discovery and ultimately an emotional hotch-potch.

Director Vikramjit Singh's film fails to have smooth transitions between the different stories he narrates in the movie. The film begins with Kabir Grewal played by Arjun Rampal, a filmmaker who creates a world of deceit and chase with his dark and designed story of `Roy`. During the shooting of his film in Malaysia, he meets Ayesha another filmmaker from London, played by Jacqueline Fernandez.

Under puffed eyes, unkempt look and a hat – Kabir has more shades of grey in his character than it appears.

Ranbir Kapoor, is the main catch in the film. `Roy` played by Ranbir is a meticulously crafted character from Kabir's childhood memories. Ranbir is a celebrated con-man and a hunt for a valuable painting brings him to Malaysia. And in that journey to acquire the invaluable possession, he meets Tia (again Jackie in a double role).

Kabir's charming inspiration is Ayesha and his story revolves around Roy's infamous life that he brings out in his story. But there is a mystery around the protagonist's life - dark and solemn - and that is not revealed till the end of the film.

To be honest, `Roy` is more a confusing narrative than an imaginative story. Despite strong performances in the film by Ranbir and Arjun, the story falls flat. The transition from one narrative to the next is definitely not smooth and one has to rack his brain hard to connect the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. It gets quite complicated. 

The lives of both men are linked with a watch and cigar, but the actual relevance looms large.

Vikramjit surely has created a soup out of what could have been a brilliantly executed script. The background score of `Roy` gives out a mysterious aura of a thriller and Sanjay Chowdhury has done a marvellous job in creating it.

Despite seeing very little of Ranbir in the film, his character is one of the most important. Ranbir has been explored to the `T` and he touches every nuance with sincere dedication. Be it the suave thief or the dapper actor, he knows how to charm his lady love. And he doesn't disappoint at all, though we wish we saw more of him on screen.

Arjun, who is back on screen after a long hiatus has donned the character of an adept filmmaker quite well. And his hardwork can be seen. But as I said, performances are good, not the story. Singh fails to bring out the complexities in his character and that of Ranbir's and does not unravel them smoothly.

Jackie in her twin role works decently with both the actors in the film, but unfortunately don't expect too many sparks from both ends. Chemistry between Arjun-Jackie is quite dry and not much to write home about. The broken Hindi and the accent that the Sri Lankan beauty carries in the film, is not too bad either. Under the veil of various hair-dos and chic looks, Jackie is actually a surprise in the film.

The songs are pure bliss and certain songs from the film will touch you instantly.

Anupam Kher, too has a special appearance in `Roy` and is a jolly good father to Arjun.

Well, the movie will definitely keep you hooked to your seats till the end (an exhausting 156 minutes of screen time) because the complexities of the story will churn the rational wheels of your brain and you will be compelled to think.

But Voila! Before you can figure out what exactly happened and connect the missing dots, the movie is over. The scenes building to the climax are the only saving grace of `Roy` apart form an ingenious performance by Ranbir.

`Roy` does have quintessential element of a Bollywood story - betrayal, love, conspiracy, emotion – but it fails to come out.

So, for the weekend, go for `Roy` on Valentine's Day if you want to be left bored and wondering about what you just watched. 

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