Tanu Weds Manu Returns movie review: Kangana Ranaut steals the show!

Tanu Weds Manu Returns movie review: Kangana Ranaut steals the show!
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Expect all you can from this Anand L Rai sequel. The film is a happy experience that will keep you in splits throughout. Right from the beginning, 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns' successfully keeps your attention intact, scene-per-scene. The old Hindi film song playing in the opening credit roll gives the screenplay such a typical 'Indian wedding' feel.

Director Anand L Rai has brilliantly executed what he wanted to in this sequel. The moment Tanu Trivedi (Kangana Ranaut) is seen talking in her patent Kanpuri style while visiting a medical centre, as she feels her husband of four years, Manu Sharma (R Madhavan) is mad—the audience just can't help but burst out laughing.

The way in which Kangana enacts each scene, as if she has always been and lived as her on screen doppelgänger Tanu—is something which only a talented actress like her can pull off. The story takes off from the point where the original ended. The fact that Manu manages to win Tanu and gets married does not quite end in a 'happily ever after'.

The storyline of the sequel kicks off from that point, and how differences crop up in any married couple's life. The banter between Manu and Tanu sounds quite 'real' and is filled with comic moments. While Madhavan is superb in his own subtle, suave style of acting (we love him for keeping it understated), Kangana on the other hand is full of confidence, swag and what not.

How the conflict between Tanu and Manu takes her back to Kanpur, and how they meet again is something which is for you to find out on your own. But let's get back to the plot and other characters who did a fabulous job. While watching this two hour delight, you just can't escape Pappi ji (Deepak Dobriyal). His antics will bring a wide smile (rather a loud laughter) on your face for sure. This time, the actor has been given much more screen space than the original and yes he does stand out in the film.

So, Manu after his fight with his wife, comes to the capital city, and what does he find there, another Tanu? Thankfully, there is no 'Kumbh Ka Mela' to show that these two girls are 'bichhdi hui behne'. There is absolute perfection in the way Kangana pulls off a Haryanavi-speaking Delhi University athlete - Kusum Sangwan. Her character is a pleasure to watch, and Ranaut deserves a thundering applause for making her look so believable and real.

Kusum is no Tanu, and the director has shown his brilliance in keeping their identities in contrast. The screenplay moves as 'seedha-saadha' Manu falls head-over-heels for Kusum, and in no time the love between them blossoms. The filmmaker through humour has even touched the serious problem of inter-caste marriage in Haryana. Although, Kusum faces the brunt of her old-fashioned relatives back home in Jhajhar but it is her elder brother Omi bhaiya, played by Rajesh Sharma, who backs her decision of marrying a divorcee (yes, Tanu slaps him with a notice).

An interesting character named Chintu (Zeeshan Ayub) has been introduced in the sequel, who in his 'Rampuri' avatar tries to create trouble and feels that he is in love with the super carefree Tanu. Jimmy Shergill reprises his role of Raja Awasthi from the original, and he looks adorable with that tinge of 'bhaiyagiri'. However, this time he is shown to be a much more mellowed version of the prequel.

Eijaz Khan and Swara Bhaskar have played their parts well too. But it is undoubtedly Kangana who steals the show, hands down.

Music by Krsna Solo and Tanishk-Vayu is foot tapping and has a freshness to it. 'Banno', sung by Brijesh Shandllya, Swati Sharma and 'Ghani Bawri' by Jyoti Nooran is already reigning on the charts. Chirantan Das too needs a special mention for a smooth and colour-filled cinematography. A pat on back for dialogue writer Himanshu Sharma for giving us lines worth remembering.

Finally, there is so much more to write about and too little space. Our take—go grab a ticket and get swooned. Sometimes, you really need a part two to fall in love.

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