Welcome Back movie review: Anil Kapoor-Nana Patekar, how do you do it so well?

Welcome Back movie review: Anil Kapoor-Nana Patekar, how do you do it so well?

The second half of 2015 is already brewing in a delicious soup of great films. The glorious and victorious year has come up with Anees Bazmee's 'Welcome Back' to tickle the funny bones of the movie buffs.

If you haven’t had a ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) moment in quite some time, then you should check this comedy out. A sequel to Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif starrer 'Welcome' (2007) is not a let down at all for the comedy lovers. It's rather a cabaret!

Anil Kapoor (Majnu Pandey) and Nana Patekar (Uday Shetty) have yet again proved why they are irreplaceable (reason they have been retained in the sequel). The newbies should indeed feel challenged with the frenzy that these veterans light the screens up with.

However, the new spice John Abraham has done a great job in essaying his 'tapori' character. Watching this hunk show off his robust physique on-screen and that too shirtless (need I say more?) is definitely a visual delight.

The movie cruises tip-toeing on the waves of laughter which chuckled the audiences smoothly off shore.

Do you remember the last time you saw comedian Rajpal Yadav petting your crazy bone? Well, if not, you should catch him with his hilarious comeback! Rajpal is in his absolute form and is a hit with almost minimal presence in the film.

The movie carries on from its prequel, and many characters wear their old shoes. Paresh Rawal (Dr Ghunghroo) comes out to be better and finer in his comic-fight relationship with Anil and Nana.

The movie is no less than a hill of punches that keeps land sliding and impressing the audiences.

The heroine (if I may say so) Shruti Haasan (Ranjhana) is a big let down; her difficulty in essaying the character breaks the flow of the movie.

An absolute comedy with power punches and great dialogues suffers a choke with its nonsensical music. However, the background score is complementing the scenes.

Scintillating locales of the glamorous Dubai is indeed a feed to your cornea.

Multi-crossing love story amongst the actors comes out clean unlike a pool of confusion, and just when you begin to assume the climax, the legend himself, Naseeruddin Shah (Wanted Bhai), brightens up the screens with his never-seen-before avatar. Grey curls and pink shades! Costume designer gets a plus!

If you have ever wished to see Shah in a comic role, then book your tickets right now.

And guess who is Shah's love interest? It's the bold and beautiful Dimple Kapadia (Maha Rani) sadly she seems like a mannequin to flash the exotic costumes.

The production seems to have spent a big chunk on her clothes alone which really wasn’t needed.

'Welcome Back' is vibrant and the ensemble cast keeps it gripping. The screenplay is brilliant, just a little bit of loops in editing in the first song. The comic flavour of the movie has been kept intact and the direction has been profoundly beaded into scenes.

The climax, which happens to take place in a desert, is grand with choppers chasing SUVs, and guess what? I am sure you cannot! A caravan of camels chasing the machines. Absolutely Arabic!

Not letting out the plot one bit, but it's pretty similar to its prequel. Dialogue writing and comic timing is commendable.

Focussing on one scene that takes place in a graveyard, I wonder if anyone could have held their laughter in that! The theatre saw euphoria which is enough to speak about the response that Anees Bazmee's baby received.

Take the couple of hours out from your job, home chores, business trips and the heaps of worries to let your stomach ache with laughter!

One thing which no one can let go! Akshay Kumar is immensely missed, however, Anil-Nana have sprinted the movie with their superb performances. Audiences will surely welcome 'Welcome Back' warmly.

You will come back with a laughter fit!

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