Shelf-life of music, songs very short today: Shiv-Hari

Mumbai: Classical music legends Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and Pandit Shivkumar Sharma are not happy with the current scenario prevailing in the film industry and feel songs have a very short shelf-life today.

Chaurasia, master flautist, and Sharma, ace santoor exponent, as Shiv-Hari duo have composed music for several hit Hindi movies like `Silsila` (1981), `Faasle` (1985), `Chandni` (1989), `Lamhe` (1991) and `Darr` (1993) and others.

"I feel the shelf-life of music, songs is very short today. Old songs are still remembered and people like them even now. I doubt if any song of late has caught my attention," Sharma told reporters.

"It is said everything today is on public demand. I don`t agree with this as I feel we can still create taste for the audience. It is proving to be right as small and unusual films are getting made and accepted by people. It is about the choice, taste of director," he said.

Chaurasia said change is inevitable and we have several talented artists today. "Changes are part and parcel of life. But I like the music of older times, I sing those songs. But I don`t feel to croon on today`s songs. There are talented artists around and hope things will change."

The music duo has no immediate plans to come together for an album but they would continue doing concerts.

Meanwhile, Sharma also praised his son Rahul, who plays santoor and is a vocalist as well.

"Rahul is on his own, he has done something different from me, he is carrying on classical tradition and he is into fusion as well. Fusion is not bringing different instruments together and playing something. He studies everything and then he composes. It is God`s gift," he said.