Gary Barlow offers songs to Robbie Williams

London: Singer Gary Barlow has offered to write tracks for former Take That bandmate Robbie Williams if he goes through a sticky patch while putting together his latest solo album.

The 41-year-old `Patience` hitmaker, who was estranged from his Take That bandmate until they reconciled in 2010 – is constantly writing new songs.

Although he knows that Williams is capable of penning his own material, Barlow is happy to help if needed, reported The Telegraph.

"I`ve written some stuff already, actually, with Rob. I mean, Rob writes all year round. But I always said to him, `If you get a sticky patch or whatever, I`ll come in and reignite
all that stuff`. I`m someone who`s always creating, writing - I`ve always got ideas. So he can use me whenever he wants," Barlow said.

Williams returned to Take That for an album and tour last year and although he is now going back to his solo career, Barlow believes they will be friends forever after patching up their differences.

"I do feel like it wasn`t just an 18-month thing with me and Rob. I think we`ll be friends forever now," he added.