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Lady GaGa knocks out Ellen Degeneres

London, May 14: Controversial singer Lady GaGa knocked out talk show host Ellen Degeneres with her appearance, literally.

The singer, who is more famous for her outrageous dressing style than her singing skills, made a guest appearance on the celebrity show in bizarre headgear which almost knocked out Degeneres.

The host was trying to hug GaGa when her huge metallic hat came in the way. But Degeneres wasn`t put off by the huge barrier and eventually managed to embrace the singer before sitting down for a chat, reported Daily Mail online.

"It`s a barrier. It`s my GaGa barrier," the American singer said explaining her curious headgear, calling it "an orbit".

The 23-year-old `Poker Face` hitmaker said that she was honoured to be on Ellen`s show because she has done so much for the gay and lesbian communities.

"It means more to me to be on this show than anywhere. I look up to you so much. You`re just such an inspiration for women and for the gay community," GaGa said.

"And I thought I liked you before. Now I like you more," Degeneres replied.

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