Every human being goes through adolescent pangs: Sohini Sarkar

Kolkata: Having passed through the adolescent phase when she became a fifth/sixth standard student, like every other teenager, Phoring actor Sohini Sarkar feels very few director here however took up the univeral issue.

"Every human being goes through this phase at an age. Boy or girl," Sohini, whose character of a vulnearble young bride, having left her in-laws house in Rupkatha Noy earned kudos, told reporters.

"As a girl I went through some typical crisis, curiosity, inability to define state of mind. While a boy too feels curious about females at this phase of life. It is a universal truth, but seldom tackled in our films," she said.

"We had a ball during the shoot of Phoring when the child actors Akash and Sourav reminded us of our days as the youngest in the unit. Actually when one looks back at the adolescent stage later on in life, the problem, the crisis appear so funny and irrelevant," Sohini, who shared screen space with Ritwik Chakraborty here and thespian Soumitra Chatterjee in Rupkatha Noy, said.

Rituparno Ghosh-starrer Memories in March director Sanjoy Nag, having also essayed the role of young Rabindranath in Jibon Smriti docu-feature, said, "The subject is very pertinent and out-of-box in Phoring made with such a lesser-known cast, modest budget and courage to make such film for release in public theatres."

"It is a bold move and new trend-setter in Independent and Bengali cinema," he said.

Child actor Akash Adhikary aka Phoring in the film, said he idolised the character of adventurist Shankar in Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhya`s `Chander Pahar`.

"I like adventures mostly. I also like Chhota Bheem and Doreman comics. I didn`t know what I did before the camera, I went by the director`s words. Sometimes I was woken up from sleep and asked to give shots," he said.

Produced by Saugata Bal (Das) and Anasua Roy Chowdhury Phoring was premiered on September 27. PTI