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Pride - a quality aspiring actors shouldn`t possess: Anisha Ambrose

Chennai: Actress Anisha Ambrose, who is making her debut with upcoming Telugu action-drama "Alias Janaki", feels that for a long-lasting career, aspiring actors shouldn`t develop pride and climb the ladder of fame with humility.

"It`s important to remember that fame comes with responsibility and therefore one shouldn`t develop pride. Besides success, any wannabe actor should also have humility for a lasting career in filmdom," Anisha said.

"Take Amitabh Bachchan, for instance. He is so down to earth even when he is on top and that`s what makes him so successful. I think this is something every actor should keep in mind," she added.

Anisha, who never wanted to be an actor, grabbed the opportunity when it knocked on her door.

"I posted a few of my pictures on one of my photographer friend`s Facebook page. The makers of my film saw my pictures and called me for auditions. I had never dreamt of becoming an actor, but when I got the opportunity, I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised when I got the role," said Anisha, who has a Master`s degree in finance.

Do you think you were roped in for your looks?

"Looks are important to survive in the industry, but I don`t think it is the only criteria. If you are an actor, then acting comes first. If beauty is all that matters, then one should be in modelling," she said.

Outsiders only get to hear negative things about fildom, she says.

"I was very skeptical initially because we got to hear mostly negative things. We heard about controversies, breakups, casting couch and what not. But, there are certain production houses and people who work with a very professional outlook," she said.

She is happy to work with Neelima Tirumalasetti, who is producing "Alias Janaki", which also features Rahul Venkat in the lead. It is being directed by debutant Dayaa K.

"I`m glad I got to meet someone like Neelima madam. Despite being a woman, I liked the confidence and professionalism in her. I knew starting my career with her would mean that I would be ready to face anyone in the industry," said Anisha.

Besides "Alias Janaki", Anisha also has "Areyrey" with the same makers in the pipeline.