Is Michelle Williams dating Jason Segel?

Los Angeles: Actress Michelle Williams has a romance in her life, the actress is dating sitcom How I Met Your Mother`s actor Jason Segel.

"It`s been a few months, I`ve never seen her happier," a website has quoted a friend as saying.

In recent weeks, the two have been spotted out together in Brooklyn, where Williams lives and also in Los Angeles, where they enjoyed dinner at Comme Ça, March 16. The actor also tweeted said: "If I fell in love would you guys be happy?"

"I don`t want to have a girlfriend for the sake of having a girlfriend. I have no desire to pick a random girl. I want the right girl. There are plenty of opportunities, but I would rather have the right one," he added.

Williams has a daughter, Matilda, 6, from her relationship with Heath Ledger.